About us

Zero Waste Made Easy 

Back to Basics Ecostore is an alternative grocery store that prioritizes sustainability by providing a wide selection of environmentally-friendly products, including those produced by women-led community-based social enterprises. 

BtB Ecostore encourages customers to reduce waste by offering refill stations for essential household items and promoting the reuse of containers. This eco-conscious approach helps reduce the use of single-use plastics and other waste, which ultimately benefits the pocket, the people and the planet. 

At Back to Basics Ecostore, shoppers can make informed decisions about their purchases, knowing that they are supporting a more sustainable future.

Our beginnings and dreams

BtB Ecostore is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2019 by five environmental advocates bothered by the wasteful packaging generated from traditional means of purchasing consumer goods. They asked themselves:

  • How can we be part of the solution?
  • How can we offer an alternative? 


To make significant contributions in having a world free from single-use plastics

  • by supporting a circular economy
  • by being a reliable and excellent partner in one's zero-waste journey when it comes to home, pantry and personal care products.


  • Build community awareness of how living a life that aims for zero-waste or low impact is good for the pocket, the people and the planet.
  • Inspire others to live the zero-waste journey through our actions and advocacy.
  • Promote the use of essentials without unnecessary new packaging.
  • Support and build community-based livelihoods.

Core values

Our Partner Brands

As part of its advocacy in promoting sustainability and the zero waste lifestyle, BtB Ecostore supports
various community-based enterprises by partnering and sourcing its products from these local
enterprises who share the same advocacy.